Al-Forqan Brigades claims responsibility for the Maadi satellite station attack

Social networking activists on Tuesday posted a video of the so-called Al-Forqan Brigades, claiming responsibility for the bombing of the Maadi satellite station with RPGs on Monday, which caused a one-meter hole in one of the satellite dishes.
The video showed members of the group monitoring the station before carrying out the operation.
It also showed a statement by the group urging what it reffered to as “Sons of Islam” to unite against the infidels that must be fought.
The same group had claimed responsibility for killing Colonel Mohamed al-Komy of the air defense on 1 October. The last operation of the group was carried out on 5 September.
The group also vowed to target ships passing the Suez Canal.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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