Al Azhar Imam warns of risks of spreading extremism, sectarian fanaticism

Al Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb has warned of the risks of spreading extremism, hatred and sectarian fanaticism as a result of some countries’ attempts to exclude or marginalize Al Azhar’s teachings that aim at promoting the principles of tolerance, peaceful co-existence and moderation.

Tayeb made the comments during his meeting on Thursday 27/6/2024 with Turkish Ambassador in Cairo Salih Mutlu Şen, as they discussed ways of fostering cooperation between Al Azhar, the highest seat of learning for Sunni Muslims and Turkey and the possibility of increasing the number of scholarships offered to Turkish students.

The Grand Imam stressed Al Azhar’s willingness to set up an Arabic language center in Turkey and train Turkish imams at Al-Azhar Academy for the Training of Imams and Preachers.

Tayeb stated that Al Azhar seeks to cement relations with all Muslim countries through receiving their students and dispatching Al Azhar scholars to them.

He noted that more than 350 Turkish students are currently studying in various educational stages at Al Azhar institutions.

Tayeb expressed readiness to increase the number of annual scholarships offered to Turkish students, which currently stands at 8.

On his part, the Turkish ambassador stressed Turkey’s keenness to enhance relations with Al Azhar through holding joint conferences to exchange views on the most prominent challenges facing the Islamic world and find solutions to them.

Salih Mutlu Şen welcomed Al Azhar’s readiness to increase the number of scholarships for Turkish students.

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