Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh announces efforts to stop bloodshed in Arab states

Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayyeb announced on Tuesday that he plans to launch efforts to end bloodshed in Arab countries resulting from protests that demand reform.

At a press conference in Cairo, al-Tayyeb said Al-Azhar has approached some Arab and Islamic countries and their ambassadors in Egypt to discuss the developments in Yemen, Libya and Syria.

Al-Azhar had expected to receive delegations from these countries, he added, but no delegations have been sent to discuss the unrest.

Al-Tayyeb expressed worries about bloody confrontations with security forces in Syria and Yemen despite calls for calm, as well as the killing of innocent civilians in Libya.

He urged the rulers in Syria, Yemen and Libya to uphold the interests of their nations and preserve the lives of their people, adding that Al-Azhar previously announced its support for Arab nations in their calls for justice.

He also urged Muslims to assist oppressed people in Arab countries and to support them morally and financially.

Al-Tayyeb further criticized Arab and Islamic organizations which he said have not carried out their role of protecting the lives of Arabs.

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