Al-Azhar denies having contacted Morsy or Shafiq

Al-Azhar has denied a report published by a private newspaper on Wednesday that it has requested presidential candidates Mohamed Morsy and Ahmed Shafiq to pledge in writing that they would work on avoiding sectarian strife.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Al-Azhar categorically denied any such contact and called on the media to maintain accuracy, professional ethics and objectivity, adding that it is impartial to all candidates.

It has also denied what was published in the Al-Lewa al-Islami newspaper about former Grand Mufti Nasr Farid Wasel issuing a “fatwa” (religious edict) that voting for Shafiq is “haram” (impermissible in Islam), saying that the elections have nothing to do with what is permissible and what is not.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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