Al-Azhar demands ban on TV series

Al-Azhar officials have called for banning a television series that portrays the life of the Prophet Joseph, currently being broadcast on Hezbollah-affiliated satellite channel Al-Manar.

According to Al-Azhar official Raafat Othman, the series contains "historical mistakes" since the script relies on the Shia-Muslim version of events and ignores Sunni-Muslim historical sources.

"What’s more, Al-Azhar rejects the depiction of prophets in movies and plays," Othman added. "How can an actor play a prophet in a film and then a drunkard in another? This would constitute an insult to our revered prophets."

"The series is an Iranian production," said prominent Shia thinker Ahmed el-Nafis. "Al-Azhar has nothing to do with it."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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