Al-Ahram reveals details of Armed Forces’ post-Morsy roadmap

Efforts were exerted over the past 24 hours to persuade President Mohamed Morsy to resign in order to save the country from danger, state-run Al-Ahram said on Wednesday.

In a report written by the paper's editor in chief Abdel Nasser Salama, the paper said it has information that, after the 48-hour grace period the Armed Forces has given to political powers to resolve the situation, the president is either expected to step down or be removed by the Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces' Post-Morsy roadmap calls for canceling the controversial constitution and assigning specialised experts to write a new one that will take into account the demands of Egyptians from across the social and political spectrum. The constitution will then be put to a referendum after the document receives the approval of Al-Azhar.

A presidential council composed of three members and led by the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court will be set up to manage the country's affairs for an interim period of nine months to one year.

A transitional government with no political affiliations will be formed and led by a military leader during the transition. Meanwhile,  the constitution will determine whether presidential or parliamentary elections are held first.

The Armed Forces have secured the country in coordination with security bodies. Weapon caches have been detected, a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders have been placed under house arrest, and the Brotherhood's funds have been sequestrated, according to the paper.

Instructions were also given to deal firmly with those who resist these decisions and to put them under house arrest in preparation for trials that could be revolutionary in nature.

The paper also said that the Armed Forces’ roadmap has received international support and that its framework was devised with help from regional and international capitals. The source also said it is expected to be well received by Egyptians and local political circles.

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