Airport authorities foil attempt to smuggle artifacts

The Antiquities Ministry said that Cairo Airport authorities thwarted an attempt to smuggle four artifacts dating back to the Islamic era.

Antiquities Minister Mohammed Ibrahim, said in a statement on Sunday that the four artifacts seized at Cairo airport were in a package and bound for the United Arab Emirates. The statement did not specify the nationality of the person.

He added that an antiquities committee has examined the four artifacts and proved their origin.

The seized artifacts also include three paintings of porcelain with Islamic writings, ornaments, a copper candlestick, and a metal watch engraved with winged angels and fairy animals.

In August Cairo airport authorities seized Islamic artifacts in a package bound for Turkey via Dubai.

In the same month, authorities arrested an Egyptian citizen who attempted to smuggle 11 artifacts dating back to the Greek and Roman eras, including two pottery statues of Isis carrying Horus in his childhood.

In September, authorities at Borg al-Arab airport in the coastal city of Alexandria thwarted an attempt to smuggle 1,200 antique coins in the baggage of an Egyptian citizen heading to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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