Ain Shams Brotherhood students en route to Defense Ministry, Azhar students storm faculties

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Ain Shams University students blocked al-Khalifa al-Mamoun Street Wednesday on their way to the Defense Ministry, immobilizing traffic.
Verbal tussles erupted between drivers and students.
The students aimed to voice their demands of releasing detained students and eliminating police presence on campus.
On Sunday, clashes erupted between police and Ain Shams University students, affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, near the Defense Ministry.
Police used water hoses from fire engines to disperse the students ahead of firing teargas bombs on students, who in turn responded by hurling stones.
In related news, Azhar students also affiliated with the MB stormed the university's Faculty of Agriculture. Clashes erupted among them and with others opposing their on-campus protests.
Meanwhile, female Brotherhood students at Azhar University closed the Faculty of Engineering and assembled before the female branches of the Faculties of Medicine and Commerce to express the same demands.
On Monday, Legal Adviser to Al-Azhar University Mustafa al-Argawy said eight university professors were referred to investigation over preaching to students about political matters that fall under the charges of clear incitement to violence and rioting.
“They were videotaped while inciting students to riot,” Argawy told the satellite channel Mehwar. “The statements they used to incite violence included ‘stick to your beliefs,’ ‘defend your religion’ and ‘be [strong] men,’” Argawy said.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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