Ahmed Mourad’s “1919” to become a movie

The Egyptian historical fiction novel “1919” by famed author Ahmed Mourad is set to be turned into a movie starring renowned Egyptian actors Ahmed Ezz and Karim Abdel Aziz.

The mega star Ezz hinted at the big news in a comment on an Instagram photo of himself and Abdel Aziz. The comment read: “Wait for an astounding surprise.”

Written by Mourad and directed by the prominent director Marwan Hamed, the movie will be produced by the Egyptian production tycoon “Synergy”, according to Cairo 24 news outlet.

No further details were announced regarding the starting date for shooting. However, the team has finished filming the trailer, which is expected to be released soon, according to Cairo 24.

The events of the novel take place during the English occupation of Egypt. The novel describes a rich world full of historical events, culture, traditions and more, offering a glimpse into this phase of Egyptian history and the Egyptian uprising that fought the occupation.

The novel details several intriguing characters, including an Armenian woman named Ward who fled to Egypt to escape the genocide. Ward’s parents are dead, leaving her alone in Egypt where she faces an even crueler world. Another stirring central character is Ahmed, who holds two markedly different jobs between the day and the night.

Ahmed Mourad is a celebrated novelist known for several bestselling novels. One such is Vertigo, which was adapted for television screens in a series starring the Tunisian actress Hend Sabry called “Torab el Mas” (Sand of Diamonds). He also authored the widely known novel “The Blue Elephant”, which has been turned into a film and a sequel. The second part is currently screening in cinemas, and has recorded considerably high revenues in just a few days.

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