Ahmed Ezz to star in ‘Deer Hunting Season’ movie

Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz announced he has signed on with Egyptian writer and novelist Ahmed Mourad to star in a film adaptation of Mourad’s novel “Deer Hunting Season.”

The movie starts with a strange dream by the hero Nadeem, who sees “Lady of the Sea,” a woman with red hair. After waking up, Nadeem is left wondering about the reason for this dream and begins his search for the mysterious woman.

This marks the second collaboration between Ezz and Mourad, as they previously worked on the movie “Kira & El Gin” released in 2022 and a huge success at the box office, with revenues exceeding LE122 million.

Deer Hunting Season is the sixth novel by Mourad, published by Dar al-Shorouk publishing house in 2017, and his sixth to be adapted into a film.

In 2014, Mourad’s “Al-Feel al-Azraq” (The Blue Elephant) was turned into a film, and a sequel released in 2019.

Other movies based on his novels were “Al-Asleyeen” (The Originals) in 2017, “Torab al-Mas” (Diamond Dust) in 2018, and finally his “1919” novel which was adopted into the “Kira Wal Gin” movie in 2022.

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