Ahl Masr Foundation, Mohamed Ramadan cooperate to support burn victims

The Ahl Masr Foundation on Tuesday organized a press conference to announce that it would begin working with actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan to support burn victims.

Doctor Heba al-Sewedy, several celebrities, and burn victims attended the event.

Sewedy delivered a speech which she started by thanking Ramadan, saying: “I am impressed by your humility and the people’s love for you.”

Jihad, a 27-year-old woman, suffered from burns since she was two years old. She spent 25 years on a difficult journey for treatment.

Her luck turned around after she sent a letter to Ramadan asking for help.

Ramadan then decided to take care of her condition in addition to allocating money to contribute to a new project in cooperation with Ahl Masr.

After showing a short video about some of the cases treated by the hospital and their stories, Ramadan cried while delivering his speech.

The star attributed every success he achieved in his life to his fans, driving him to fulfill his duty of helping those in need.

He praised the efforts made by the Ahl Masr Foundation in looking after burn victims.

Ramadan stressed the importance of shedding light on burn victims, not only financially but also morally against the bullying they suffer throughout their lives.

He added that art has a strong role in raising awareness of humanitarian issues.

During the conference Ramadan announced he had launched a production line for face masks bearing his initials, with five percent of the proceeds going towards burn victims.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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