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After disavowing art, Hala Shiha apologizes to Egyptian Acting Professions Syndicate

Actress Hala Shiha on Tuesday met with the head of the Egyptian Acting Professions Syndicate, Ashraf Zaki inside the union headquarters, where she apologized for previous statements she made disavowing her career.

Shiha thanked him for his great support during her recent personal crisis and for standing by her and all artists, stressing that the Acting Professions Syndicate will remain a true shield for Egypt’s artists.

She apologized to all Egyptian artists, foremost of them Zaki, regarding statements made by her that have been circulated through the media.

Shiha stressed that she has the utmost respect and appreciation for all Egyptian artists.

She concluded saying that: “Art will remain a sublime, true and influential message; through it, we target the conscience of every viewer.”

She added that Egypt, with its art and artists, will remain a major soft power in the Arab world.

Shiha had announced her retirement from acting in July 2021, after her marriage to the preacher Moez Masoud, and going through a major schism with Egyptian Acting Professions Syndicate.

Shiha then disavowed art, saying on her Instagram account: “If art keeps us far from Allah and not being a role model for our children, then it is invalid and no longer an art.”

She has since separated from Masoud and returned to acting.

She later apologized for what she said, saying: “I apologize for any word I said. It came out at a critical time in my life, and I never meant to offend anyone, and I have nothing but love and wish the best for all people.”

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