Africans launch first Arabic-language TV channel

The first Arabic-language TV channel in Africa will be launched in June. The new channel, named Al-Qarra (The Continent) will focus on news programing.

Naguib Qoweia, head of the new channel, said Al-Qarra will be the first Arabic-language African channel to cover political, economic and cultural life in Africa. The channel will be broadcast via Arabsat Badr 6 satellite from the island nation Mauritius. There will also be an office in Paris.

Mahmoud Alam Eddin, head of journalism department at Cairo University, said that Egypt has a complete project, ready to be launched, for an Arabic-language African channel that was prepared by ministers of Information from a variety of African countries.

“The project existed two years ago, but was suspended for no reason,” said Alam Eddin.

Media sources asserted that Al-Qarra is an initiative by three producers that aims to address the developing relationships between Arab and Middle Eastern countries and the African continent.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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