African diplomats in Egypt complain of marginalization

Ambassadors from African states, at a meeting with representatives of the Egyptian foreign and interior ministries on Thursday, complained of the difficulties associated with meeting Egyptian ministers and senior officials.

They said their requests to meet with officials either took too long to answer or were not responded to at all.

They also complained that they were barred from using the VIP arrival halls at Egyptian airports.

One African ambassador said that, although he had been stationed in Egypt for three years, he did not have the telephone numbers of officials from the Foreign Ministry’s protocol department.

Assistant Foreign Minister for African Affairs Mona Omar, for her part, stressed the solid relationship between Egypt and African countries. “That's why we held this meeting–to resolve all problems,” she said.

Assistant Interior Minister for Civil Affairs Moustafa Radi offered his ministry’s assistance to those African countries wishing to draw on Egypt’s expertise in civil registration.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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