Egypt’s Olympic Committee suspends Mortada Mansour for 4 years

The Egyptian Olympic Committee on Sunday has moved to suspend the Chairman of the Zamalek Sports Club Mortada Mansour for a period of four years with a fine of LE100,000.

In a Sunday statement the committee explained that this decision entails not approving his representation of the Zamalek Sports Club’s affairs at the judiciary, nor can he assume presidency of any meetings or general assemblies for the suspension’s duration.

His signature will also no longer be counted for any procedure or correspondence regarding the Zamalek club, especially regarding financial issues or authorization thereof.

The committee added that the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zamalek Sports Club and the rest of the board’s members must discuss the matter during the first ordinary general assembly, and elect who will fill the now vacant seat of the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The committee also decided to file a case with the Public Prosecution regarding incidents noted in the committee’s investigations – which constitute a criminal offense – in order to take the due procedures.

And it has further tapped the Supreme Council for Media Regulation to take action against the Zamalek satellite channel over broadcasting offensive discourse that violates the Media Honor Charter.

The above decisions were made in a Sunday meeting of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Olympic Committee.

The meeting looked into concluding investigations regarding complaints made by the president of the Al-Ahly Sporting Club, the former president of the Zamalek Sporting Club, the deputy chairman and members of the Zalamek club’s board of directors, the Egyptian Football Association (EFA), the head of the referees committee of EFA, the Egyptian Handball Federation, and several sports personalities.

The complainants reported that they were all harmed by Mansour’s defamation of them and the sports institutions they represent in comments made on the Zamalek satellite channel and social media.

The committee noted that investigations carried out by the investigative judge and the head of the Court of Appeal found evidence of Mansour’s violations.

These violations are a flagrant breach of the Egyptian constitution and international laws and charters and demolishes sporting values, the committee added.

Tensions between the two club leaders had reached a high when, back in October 2019 the Al-Ahly Sporting Club addressed the Chief of the Presidential Staff, the Public Prosecutor, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Interior Minister, calling on them to intervene to deter Zamalek president Mortada Mansour from “spreading lies” and defaming the family of Mahmoud al-Khatib, chairman of Ahly.

In a statement published on its official page on Facebook, Ahly said that its administration and fans have “reached their limit” regarding the offenses of the President of Zamalek. Ahly said in a statement that Mansour is now defaming families and spreading lies through phone-ins with satellite channels.

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