Adly’s defense claims protesters were paid to attack police stations during uprising

Defense lawyers for former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly continued to present their arguments on Sunday, claiming that evidence found at the site of protests was falsified.   

Essam al-Batawy, lawyer for Adly, also read aloud a news story reporting the arrest of four people who were wearing military uniforms and carrying weapons over past days, wondering why those men were standing amongst the protesters.

He went on to say that there was a conspiracy carried out on 28 January 2011 in which internal and foreign elements were involved. He said that on 28 January, shops that sell military uniforms as well as police stations were broken into in order to create the impression that the protesters were being assaulted by security forces.

Batawy referred to testimonies given by Ahmed Atallah, deputy head of the Azbakiya police station, Khaled al-Shazly, deputy head of the Sayeda Zeinab police station and Ayman al-Saeedi, head of the Masr al-Qadeema police station, all of whom said protesters, some of whom were wearing military uniforms, stormed into police stations, set them on fire and seized weapons.

Batawy also wondered why only those protesters who attacked the Giza Security Department and the Israeli Embassy in September were referred for criminal trial whereas those who stormed police stations at the outset of the 25 January revolution were not.

"Why is the public prosecution using double standards?" he asked.

He also said that those arrested in the Giza Security Department attack were found to have distributed money to protesters to attack the police, and the very same people, he said, admitted to having distributed money on 25 January last year to incite people to attack police institutions.

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