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Adapt, reach, and engage with Huawei’s advertising marketplace

HUAWEI Ads can play a pivotal role in enhancing your brands’ reach

An ‘all-scenario smart ecosystem’ is Huawei’s vision to create a fully connected world.

Through HUAWEI Ads, marketers can connect with their audience using the immersive digital advertising marketplace backed by the tech giants’ robust digital infrastructure, coupled with enriched data and insights.

Creating exceptional campaigns for the most engaging customer experiences; HUAWEI Ads builds on great ideas using four core pillars – ‘Precision Targeting’, ‘Lookalike Modeling’, ‘Private Audience’ and ‘Insight Analysis’. ‘Precision Targeting’ is a method centred on data and audience insights, and ‘Lookalike Modeling’ uses a private real-time technique involving AI to identify similarities between users.

Additionally, ‘Private Audiences’ focuses on consumers’ behaviour to re-connect withthem, while Insight Analysis provides critical insights on campaign data from multiple touchpoints, enabling marketers to reach their audience in the most impactful ways.

According to an MMA WARC study, two in three MENA marketers have adopted a mobile-first approach with their marketing strategy, while 86% of respondents agreed that the pandemic had improved mobile marketing capabilities.Following the trend, HUAWEI Ads holds key industry events in MENA welcoming Huawei’s partners, agencies and marketers.

Through the events, visitors explore the platform’s advertising capabilities and learn about maximising the effectiveness of their campaigns using tools such as Open Advertiser Identifier (OAID), which complies with users’ preferences and showcases personalised advertisements accordingly while complying with their privacy preferences and local privacy policies.

A primary advantage of digital advertising is reaching anaudience cost-effectively and measurably. With a large consumer base of over 730+ million monthly active users, HUAWEI Ads can support brands with clear objectives and tactics to capitalise on the digital advertising industry. Huawei’s 1+8+N strategy envisions bringing the HUAWEI Ads offering to the company’s portfolio of smart TVs, tablets, and Internet of Things (IoT)devices.

To learn more about HUAWEI Ads, you can reach out to

To learn more about HUAWEI Ads, you can reach out to

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