Activists launch popular “Let’s Write Our Constitution” initiative

Activists, jurists and law professors launched an initiative called "Let's Write Our Constitution", which aims to enable a broader segment of the Egyptian people to participate in drafting the new document.

Hundreds of young people will form committees to manage the dialogue between the different classes and categories, taking into account geographical and cultural diversities. They will also work on establishing a website to host discussions about the Constitution, according to an initial statement by the Hisham Mubarak Law Center on Saturday. Discussions will take nearly three months and will be followed by drafting the Constitution, it said.

A committee will be formed to develop the draft statement, which will include the ideas and suggestions discussed. It will be presented to the public to gain signatures and the approval of political parties and groups, said the center. 

The "Let's Write Our Constitution" initiative depends on three main principles: freedom, dignity and the rule of democratic institutions, the statement said, adding that it aims to ensure the representation of pluralism and diversity in Egyptian society and ensure that Egyptians participate in drafting their Constitution after public discussion.

The statement said that the Interim Constitution stipulates that the People's Assembly and Shura Council will elect 100 members to form a committee to draft the new Constitution, but it is not guaranteed that Egyptian society will be properly represented in the parliamentary elections due to the power of parties that do not necessarily represent the whole of it.

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