Activists hold open air conference in Cairo’s Talaat Harb Square

Thousands of people marched to Talaat Harb Square, close to Tahrir Square, from Shubra on Wednesday evening. The march stopped before Ghad Party headquarters and held an open air conference, in which liberal activists delivered speeches and singer Azza Balbaa sang verses of famous poet Ahmed Fouad Negm.

They demanded that the military council hand over power to a civilian government, grant amnesty immediately to all political prisoners who were arrested in the past year, and expedite the trials of former President Hosni Mubarak, members of his regime and the killers of demonstrators.

The conference disrupted traffic in and out of the square.

Meanwhile, hundreds of demonstrators left Tahrir Square after marking the first anniversary of the 25 January revolution, while thousands of others decided to stay behind and stage sit-ins until their demands are met.

Assistant Health Minister Adel Adawy said 122 people were injured on Wednesday, most as a result of crowding in Tahrir Square. Ninety-three were treated on location and 29 moved to nearby hospitals, including a young man who fell in the Nile as he was placing an Egyptian flag on Qasr al-Nil Bridge.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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