Activist who alleges abuse to meet with interior minister

Salma al-Sawy, the political activist that claimed officers of the National Security Agency (NSA) assaulted and beat her, said the Interior Ministry spokesman called her to tell her she would meet with Interior Minister Mansour Essawy on Friday to discuss the matter.

Sawy expects NSA Director Hamed Abdallah to attend the meeting.

“I’m not lying, as I’m aware of the legal consequences of that,” she said, adding that she would tell the minister the details of her assault and describe the place she was taken and the officer who interrogated her.

She said the officer asked about her relationship with Islamic preacher Safwat Hegazy and political activist Asmaa Mahfouz.

“I’m not a full activist of the 6 April Movement,” she noted. “I only communicate with my colleagues on the internet.”

Sawy also said Prime Minister Essam Sharaf promised her he would ask the interior minister to investigate the matter personally and take the necessary legal action against the perpetrator.

An Interior Ministry official said an internal investigation proved that Sawy’s story was not true.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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