Academics protest failure to implement income increases

University teaching staff clubs decided to take further action against Hani Helal, minister of higher education, due to the ministry’s failure to pay out a fourth batch of bonuses aimed at increasing the income of academics. The bonuses stopped being paid at the end of the last university year.

The staff clubs will hold a public conference on Thursday to discuss potential action since their attempts to obtain a response from the minister have failed.

The 9th of March Movement issued a statement in which it cited discrepancies in the application of the income increase plan.

Meghawri Diab, head of the teaching staff club at Monufiya University, said that professors were committed to work according to the new system, as compared with the government which has not fulfilled its obligations. He noted that the ministry so far owes academics three batches of bonuses.

Diab added that they had approached Helal more than one time to inquire about the reasons for the halt in payments, but received no answer.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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