ACA seizes LE 150 million five corruption cases in a week

The Administrative Control Authority (ACA) stated on Wednesday that ACA officers seized five corruption cases within the past three days, worth LE 150 million.

ACA mentioned that the officers arrested a director and a security manager of the Agriculture Bank of Egypt’s (ABE) grain silo in Banha, Qalyubia after stealing 310 tons of wheat worth of LE 1.6 million during the grain’s storage tests in 2016.

The ACA added that two lawyers and a brother of one of them were arrested because of taking over a villa, worth of LE 140 million, in Maadi area through fake contracts signed by a foreigner who has been dead since the 1960s.

Meanwhile, three governmental employees in the Organization and Administration Directorate and the Health Affairs Directorate in Minya were arrested for writing a false report and wrong information in official documents to illegally transfer employees from working in the two directorates to the government’s main office.

ACA officers also arrested Alexandria governorate’s office manager as he obtained a LE 45,000 bribe from a contractor to ignore implementation of demolishing a building in the center of Alexandria.

The officers arrested a manager of tax inspection in Tax Office in Salam superb, Cairo due to obtaining LE 20,000 bribe from a private school owner to reduce amount of taxes.

Edited Translation from al-Masry al-Youm 

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