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Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemicals halts production due to natural gas shortage

A leading Egyptian producer of nitrogen fertilizers, the Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemicals Company, has announced the temporary shutdown of its three plants due to a natural gas supply disruption.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the company attributed the suspension to a combination of factors: an unusually intense heatwave that has driven up energy consumption across the country, coupled with disruptions to regional gas supplies.

These factors have strained the national gas grid, leading to a reduction in available gas for industrial users such as Abu Qir Fertilizers.

“To safeguard our facilities from potential damage under these challenging operational conditions, we have made the precautionary decision to suspend natural gas supplies to our plants until the grid situation stabilizes,” the company explained.

This temporary halt in production is likely to impact the supply of fertilizers in the domestic and international markets.

Abu Qir Fertilizers is a major supplier of nitrogen fertilizers in the region, and its production accounts for a significant portion of Egypt’s total fertilizer output.

The company’s customers are made up of farmers, agricultural cooperatives, and fertilizer distributors in Egypt and abroad.

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