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A solider in Israeli battalion injured on the Egyptian border

On Thursday, the Israeli army announced the killing of a number of officers during the ground invasion and armed battles in the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli newspaper The Times of Israel.

The army also announced that a soldier from the Caracal Brigade was seriously injured in an accident on the Egyptian border, without specifying whether he was a man or a woman, as the brigade comprises more than 70 percent women in its ranks. The newspaper pointed out that no further details were provided.

The Israeli army also revealed the death of a senior officer during his battles with Hamas north of the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli newspaper. He is Lieutenant Colonel Salman Habaka, 33 years old, commander of the 53rd Battalion of the 188th Brigade. The army did not provide further details about the circumstances of his death.

Meanwhile, a reservist from the 679th Brigade, a soldier from the Givati Brigade, a special infantry division in the IDF under the Southern Command, and a soldier from the Combat Engineering School were seriously injured in night operations in the northern part of Gaza.

The Israeli newspaper indicated that Habaka is the highest-ranking officer killed during the Israeli army’s ground operation in the Gaza Strip, and with his death, the number of soldiers killed during the ground attack rises to 18, and 333 since the beginning of the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip.

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