71 injured, at least 1 dead after army disperses Tahrir sit-in

Seventy-one people were injured and at least one killed when the army and the military police dispersed the protesters in Tahrir Square in the early hours of Saturday, a report issued by the Health Ministry said.

Thirty injured protesters were treated at the Mounira, Helal and Kobri al-Qobba hospitals. Twenty-seven have already been discharged from hospital.

Forty-one people were treated on-site in Tahrir.

Victims suffered suffocation, low blood pressure, bruises, fractures, bullet wounds and loss of consciousness.

A sit-in of more than 3000 protesters, who accuse the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of dragging its feet on the trials of toppled president Hosni Mubarak and other former officials, was forcibly dispersed in the night.

Live ammunition was used and protesters were dragged into trucks, including some alleged soldiers who had joined the protesters, according to eyewitnesses. Videos of the attack have been posted on YouTube.

Protesters also said tear bombs were used.

After the military police, army and police withdrew, protesters reoccupied Tahrir Square and cordoned it off with barbed wire. Two army vehicles were burned, according to eyewitnesses. 

Eyewitnesses also said that injured protesters went to the Ahmed Maher Hospital in Sayeda Zeinab, and accused the physicians of refusing to give them medical reports after treating them.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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