70 Muslim Brotherhood campaigners arrested in Alexandria before elections

Security forces detained up to 70 Muslim Brotherhood members in ِِِِAlexandria Tuesday morning while they were putting up campaign posters for Boushra al-Samni, the group's parliamentary candidate for the female quota seat.

Khalaf Bayoumi, a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer in Alexandria, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that security forces arrested the Brotherhood members in Agami, Minya al-Bassal and Bahari.

The posters read, “Together we can introduce change.” The Brotherhood’s traditional slogan is “Islam is the Solution.”

Bayoumi defended al-Samni’s right to promote her candidacy like all others vying for seats. He said he is following up on legal procedures to release Brotherhood members previously arrested.

Bayoumi said the arrests reveal plans by the security apparatus to suppress the Brotherhood’s chances of winning the quota seat in Alexandria. Despite the alleged intimidation campaign, the Brotherhood continues to insist on participating in the upcoming elections.

Guidance Bureau member Mohamed Morsi said Egypt is going through a critical phase in its history. All Egyptians are fully aware that the increasing suppression of the opposition will ultimately lead to change, he said.

Al-Samni said she will not rescind her decision to run in the election. She reiterated her pledge to defend woman’s issues in parliament.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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