6th April movement demand the release of election monitor

The pro-democracy 6th April movement continued a protest in front of the attorney general's office for the second day to demand the release of one of their members who was arrested while monitoring the parliamentary elections last month.

Security forces arrested Mohamed Shawqi on election day while he was taking photos of the electoral process in a Cairo constituency.

The protesters raised banners reading "Arrested, and the charge: Exposing fraud."

Mohamed Adel, media coordinator for the movement, said a group of activists had submitted a report to the attorney general requesting the release of Shawqi. Officials pledged to release Shawqi and the rest of the detainees, but until the pledge is fulfilled, several members of the movement have decided to stage a protest, he added.

The police said Shawqi was involved in rioting, beating an officer and damaging four police cars before being referred to the prosecution. His detention has been extended for another 15 days.

The 6th April movement first emerged in 2008 following a general strike that swept the country on 6 April 2006. The strike was called by textile workers in Mahalla, a city north of Cairo, who were protesting high prices and low incomes.

Political groups expressed solidarity with the workers and urged a general strike for all Egyptians.

Clashes erupted between security and the protesters on 6 and 7 April as the protesters chanted anti-Mubarak slogans, and set the National Democratic Party headquarters, shops and schools in the city on fire.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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