6 Oct governor asks local council to review decision on Heikal family plot

Governor of 6 October City Fathi Saad has requested that the governorate’s municipal council reconsider its decision to allow prominent writer /historian Mohamed Hassanein Heikal to establish a private family cemetery in the village of Burqash, according to an official source.

The council, however, reportedly refused the request since Heikal's application had met all the necessary requirements.

Nevertheless, the governor, citing "reservations," delayed the Executive Council’s approval of the decision, the source said.

Municipal council head Essam Hilal told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the council had "no plans" to reconsider the decision, noting that Heikal had been the first resident of the 6 October Governorate to file a request for a private family plot.

Council member Mohamed Abdel Basit Aqrab, for his part, said he did not see any reason for the Executive Council to delay approval of Heikal's request, which he described as a "fair one" that deserved approval as long as it did not conflict with the public interest.

Aqrab added that the Executive Council would convene next month to take a final decision on the matter.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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