6 April suspends Friday protest after Mubaraks detained

The 6 April movement suspended calls for a new million-man protest Friday after Egypt's attorney general detained deposed President Hosni Mubarak and his sons pending corruption investigations.

The movement took part in a mass protest last Friday in iconic Tahrir Square, calling for the Mubaraks to be prosecuted along with other former officials. The ruling military council and attorney general responded to the public’s demands Wednesday, announcing the three men were being held for questioning.

In a statement the movement welcomed the steps taken toward bringing the Mubaraks to trial and said it was suspending the protests to allow the opportunity to achieve Egyptians' demands. It also said it was “waiting for a fair public trial for Mubarak and his aides, so all of them will be punished.”

The movement also said former regime officials should be tried for their political crimes such as rigging elections and violating human rights.

“We assure this wouldn’t have happened unless all of us had taken to Tahrir Square to set up a new democratic political regime in a civilian country that respects human rights and guarantees social justice,” the statement added.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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