April 6 movement to stage anti-Shafiq protest

The April 6 Youth Movement said on Monday that it will stage a silent protest in the city of Khanka coinciding with a rally for presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafiq there.

Mahmoud Afify, head of the movement’s media office and political bureau, said the move is in line with the general opposition to presidential candidates associated with the former regime.

“We ensure, through our actions, that the victory of those people is a reproduction of the former regime and the defeat of the revolution,” Afify added, referring to organizing protests and distributing flyers to showcase their past association with the regime and to warn of the consequences of electing them.

Afify refuted fears regarding the deteriorating situation in Egypt and accusations by some presidential hopefuls.

“If we have feelings of fear, we will never accomplish anything,” he said. “We also assure that all our actions are peaceful and don’t exceed chanting and slogans, which is contrary to the rumors, as we are the ones who get assaulted by thugs.”

He added that campaigns will intensify in the coming period, especially at universities, citing that the largest segment of voters are youth. Afify said the awareness campaign will include videos and flyers.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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