6 April Movement Founder says new protest law ‘unfair’

6 April Movement Founder Ahmed Maher described the newly-issued protest law as ‘unfair’ and said it ‘will be broken.’
On Monday, Maher tweeted, “Today, some people will submit a request to protest before Interior Ministry to demand dismissal of ministers of defense and interiors. It’s their right.”
“In general, the unfair protest law will be broken. Any constitution against principles of 25 January revolution will be dropped like what preceded it,” he added.
Presidency issued on Sunday law organizing rights of public gatherings and peaceful protests, which is known in media as the “protest law.” It was issued in the official gazette on 24 November and included 25 articles.
Opponents of the law say that the law effectively bans protests as demonstrators must first request permission from the government in order to hold protests. In the law, the Interior Ministry also reserves the right to disband protests at any time if the government has deemed them to be violent.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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