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5 breakfast ideas to get you out of bed in the morning

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Poached, fried, baked and boiled, according to #CNNFood's latest challenge.
We asked you to show us the food that gets you fueled up for the day ahead.
The result? A dazzling array of dishes that will make you want to ditch that muesli and reach for a skillet.
Here's our top pick of breakfast ideas to wake up your taste buds:
1. Avocado, avocado, avocado
Ripe, creamy and oh-so-versatile, the popularity of the humble avocado has soared in recent years.
Not only does it pair perfectly with bacon, but research suggests avocado can actually help to speed up your metabolism. The unique combination of essential fatty acids, monounsaturated fats and antioxidants keeps blood vessels clear and inflammation down, say experts.
New York-based Instagrammer Minimalist Pantry suggests smashing it on a bagel with a fried egg. While San Antonio, Texas-based food lover Sarah Baade slices it into a breakfast taco, with scrambled egg, grated cheese, diced pepper and red onion. YUM.
2. Try inventive combinations
Put down the cereal — it's time to step outside the breakfast box.
Take a hint out of Mexican Instagrammer Virginia Guzman's book and try adding olives to ham and cheese to give your sandwich a salty kick.
And who says you can't eat cake for breakfast? Food bloggers May Lee and May Ling from Kuala Lumpur made this healthy breakfast cake by mixing yoghurt with apple and oat flour, to be washed down with a local tea, tey tarik.
3. See your fridge resourcefully
Breakfast can be a meal, or it can be a vehicle for reinventing leftovers into new taste combinations.
Instagrammer Michaela Thai in Frankfurt whipped up this new version of Middle Eastern favorite shakshuka with leftover roast chicken — adding tinned tomatoes, paprika, chili and egg to the shredded chicken and veg.
Last night's rice clogging up your fridge? Fry it with onion, cumin, chili and turmeric for a quick version of uggani, a light but filling rice breakfast popular in the Rayalaseema region of southern India.
Top it off with lemon juice, coriander, a few peanuts and hey presto — you'll have an exotic morning meal like the one pictured here by Mohan K. Reddy on Twitter. He enjoyed it alongside some mirchi bajji — deep fried green chilies stuffed with potato.

4. Go international

Coffee and Tortilla for #breakfast #eatlikealocal #sansebastian

A photo posted by Prachi Joshi (@delishdirection) on

We'd all love to hop on a plane for breakfast, but in today's cosmopolitan cities chances are you probably won't need to venture too far to dine on international flavors — like this Filipino breakfast of a coconut and rice wrap from Billy Tejada.
Failing that, bring global classics to your own kitchen with a Spanish tortilla, like this one here enjoyed in San Sebastian by food fanatic Prachi Joshi. Fry finely sliced onion and potato in a non-stick pan, pour over beaten eggs and top with a lid. Wait until the base is cooked before using a plate to flip it over.
And who thought a rolex was a watch? In Uganda, a rolex is a flour wrap filled with egg — derived from people saying "roll of eggs" quickly. They are commonly sold by street vendors and a popular way to kick off your day. This tasty-looking breakfast rolex of avocado and amaranth (Ugandan greens) was sent in by Sophia Musoki, who goes by the moniker "A Kitchen In Uganda" on Twitter.

5. Cheese IS for breakfast

Goat cheese and peach tartine #breakfast #homemade #instafood #yum #cnnfood

A photo posted by Ancy Alexander (@ancyalexander) on

The Norwegians know it, the Germans love it, but for many of the rest of us… cheese is more of a lunch or dinner ingredient. But it doesn't have to be.
Try adding a little naughty to your morning meal with New Jersey-based foodie Ancy Alexander's mouth-watering idea of goat's cheese and peach tartines.
Or perhaps you have a sweeter tooth, in which case you'd do well to recreate Billy Sountornsorn's London brunch of pancakes with ricotta, honey and fruit.
Now that's what we call a breakfast worth getting up for.

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