41 homeless on hunger strike in Beheira

Forty-one citizens, including 23 women, went on hunger strike in Beheira to protest a court ruling that ordered the sequestration of 74 acres of agricultural land on which their houses are built.

During the protest, seven women fainted from the heat and were taken to a nearby hospital; however, the Delengat Public Hospital refused to admit them, claiming their condition was not serious enough to warrant hospitalization.

The strikers have been living with their families in these houses since 1963 and suddenly find themselves homeless.

"We were given the land by the Agricultural Reform Authority after the land was nationalized and taken from its original Greek owner. However, in 1979 it was returned to the original owner’s heirs, who sold it in 1982 to Yehia Ismail, who now wants to claim the land," said resident Abdel Gelil Farag.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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