3 dimensions of gore: Halloween horror movies

Halloween is the day for demons, for ghosts and witches, pirates and crazy outfits, smashing parties and, most importantly, midnight screenings of spooky movies. To me, Halloween wouldn’t be the same without these bone-chilling, nightmare-inducing movies (and the box of popcorn to eat while watching them).

Here are some scary movies available in Egypt to keep you from sleeping this Halloween:

“Saw 3D”

Slasher fans are in for a 3D treat with the new (and supposedly last) installment of the famous horror franchise. The series follows the terrifying Jigsaw, a serial killer specializing in trapping sinful people in torture devices and making them solve riddles in order to try to escape. The answer to the riddle is always the same: if you want to live, you’ll have to bleed. And in the latest movie, the blood is shed in “eye-popping” 3D.

The movie is screening in Genena, Gold City Cinema, Bandar Mall Cinema, Family Cinema and all the Renaissance Cinemas around Cairo.

“Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D”

Zombies have permanent residence in the Halloween alley, second only to vampires in the attention paid to them in films and novels. “Resident Evil,” originally a video game, is one of two ultimate zombie franchises–the other is “Dawn of the Dead.”

Alice (Milla Jovovich) has battled zombies in the last three movies. She has also gained super powers, lost them, and gained them again. In this fourth installment, she is about to lose her superpowers again, making her powerless against the attacks of the undead. And this time, the attack takes place in the third dimension, meaning the gore will be all over the cinema.

The movie is screening at both Golden Stars and Stars Cinema in the CityStars Mall, Galaxy, Ramses Hilton, al-Salam Concorde Cinema, Odeon, al-Haram Cinema and Family Cinema.

“The Collector”

This movie is a dream-come-true for fans of diverse horror themes. The movie begins with a simple home invasion plot, when an ex-con decides to try to rob his ex-employer’s house, but soon the movie becomes a serial killer flick. The would-be robber discovers that he is not alone in the house–a serial killer has taken the family hostage. The movie, then, becomes a Saw-like torture porn.

The movie, despite the low income in the Egyptian market over the last two weeks, is still screening at Galaxy, Stars Cinema, Family Cinema, Odeon, al-Haram Cinema and Dream Land.


The mixture of sci-fi and horror can be really good, or really bad. “Splice” takes the risk with a story about the creation of a half-human, half-animal creature that slowly transforms into a monster.

You can read Al-Masry Al-Youm’s previous review of “Splice” here. This reviewer, unlike his colleague, enjoyed the movie a great deal.

“Splice” is showing at Golf City Cinema, Renaissance Wonderland and Renaissance Nile City Cinema.

“Piranha 3D”

No one expected “Piranha 3D” to be good. The movie was mocked in gossip blogs and entertainment websites for months before its release. But director Alexandre Aja proved, yet again, that he is capable of remaking horror films in the right tune. (Aja had previously remade both sequels to “The Hills Have Eyes” and “Mirrors.”)

This plot is simple. A group of beautiful American teenagers are celebrating their spring break at a lake near their college campus, unaware of the millions of piranha fish swimming around them and getting ready to hunt them down. Of the eight characters, only a couple will survive. And the deaths are not pretty, especially in 3D.

“Piranha 3D”  is playing at Nasr City Cinemas in Golden Stars and Stars Cinema.

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