25 January protests to start Thursday night, continue Friday across nation

Activists and political forces are planning a series of marches for the second anniversary of the 25 January revolution, to kick off after Friday prayers.

Under the slogan, “The revolution continues until its goals are met,” the marches will start across Cairo and Giza and head towards Tahrir Square and the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace. Mass demonstrations are also planned across the governorates.

The Constitution Party, the Socialist People’s Alliance, the Egyptian Democratic Party, the Adl Party, the Free Egyptians Party, the Tagammu Party, the Wafd Party, the Karama Party, the Democratic Labor Party and the Egyptian Communist Party have all announced that they would participate in Friday’s marches.

Activist groups and revolutionary parties planning to participate include the April 6 Youth Movement, the Popular Current, the National Association for Change, Kefaya, the Free Front for Peaceful Change, the Second Revolution of Anger, the Union of Revolutionary Youth, the Maspero Youth Union and the Revolutionary Forces Alliance.

In East Cairo, marches will assemble at Nour Mosque in Abbasseya and Sa’a Square in Nasser City, and then head to the presidential palace.

The Constitution Party is planning two marches; one that will head to the palace from Matariya and Ain Shams University, and another from Maraghy Mosque in Helwan that will head to Tahrir.

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party plans to lead marches to Tahrir from Al-Azhar Mosque, Shubra Zawya al-Hamra, the Virgin Church and Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque in Mohandiseen.

In Haram, the Second Revolution of Anger plans to demonstrate in front of the Giza Governorate building, in addition to participating in other marches around Cario.

The Socialist Popular Alliance Party is planning a protest called “Down with the state of the Brotherhood” that would march from Imbaba to Tahrir. They plan to carry banners with statements against the economic policies of the dissolved National Democratic Party, which the SPAP says are still practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood, leading to worsened poverty in the country.

The party established a control room for its freedoms and legal support committee to help demonstrators, if subjected to any legal violation.

Marches in Cairo may start as early as Thursday night. The Second Revolution of Anger plans to team up with the Ultras Thawragi for a protest called “The Last Rehearsal,” or “The call to overthrow the regime,” said a statement issued by the movement. The groups plan to start at Mohamed Mahmoud Street, march through downtown and then return to Tahrir to begin a sit-in on the morning of 25 January.

In Alexandria, two marched will start at the Two Saints Church and the East City Mosque, and head to Al-Qaed Ibrahim Square. In Kafr El-Sheikh, the Constitution Party, Kefaya and April 6 are planning a march starting at the Stadium Mosque, while the Popular Current and Karama Party are planning a march to start at Sidi Talha Mosque.

Other mass demonstrations are planned to take place in Maqzoub Square in Assiut, in front of Rahma Mosque in Port Said and in front of Fath Mosque in Zagazig.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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