17 Brotherhood members arrested in Kafr el-Sheikh

Security forces in Kafr el-Sheikh arrested 17 members of the Muslim Brotherhood yesterday while Brotherhood candidate Osama el-Husseiny toured Bani Bakkar village as part of his election campaign. The arrest led to clashes between security forces and some el-Husseiny supporters.
Mohamed el-Azzabi, the Brotherhood’s lawyer in Kafr el-Sheikh, said four central security vehicles followed the candidate and his supporters around the village, eventually arresting 17. He added that the arrested Brotherhood members face charges of belonging to a banned group and organizing an election march without permission. The Muslim Brotherhood is technically banned and its candidates run as independents.
In a related development, Essam el-Erian, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau and the Brotherhood’s official spokesperson, said Hoda el-Tablawi–the National Democratic Party’s candidate in Kafr el-Sheikh–could not lawfully run in the upcoming Shura Council elections as she has previous convictions.
El-Erian urged the Supreme Electoral Commission to examine the legal position of el-Tablawi, saying this will be a litmus test for the commission.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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