16 injured in fights over gasoline

Diesel gas shortages continued in a number of Egyptian governorates on Sunday, as citizens fought over insufficient supplies.

In Daqahlia, six people were injured in a fight with sticks and melee weapons at an oil station on the Mansoura-Damietta highway. Four others were injured in a separate incident when a number of citizens cut in queues.

In Upper Egypt, an Assiut worker was injured on Sunday by gunfire during a fight at a gasoline station. Meanwhile, five were injured and an oil station damaged in a firefight between citizens from the villages of Abshaq and Beni Ali in Minya Governorate. Villagers were contesting fuel.

Security and armed forces intensified their presence in the villages to prevent further scuffles, and initiated investigations in order to apprehend those involved.

In Ismailia, northeast Cairo, citizens said there was a detente in urban areas, but said the crisis continues to linger in some villages.

One of the governorate's officials, Abdel Samie Suweilam, said that the 320 tons of diesel oil currently is being pumped into gas stations daily, and is sufficient for local consumption.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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