15 political groups form coalition, declare unified electoral list

Fifteen political groups on Monday declared a coalition seeking to develop the country's political, social and economic conditions.

In its first statement, the Egyptian Bloc said it will run the upcoming parliament elections with a unified list of candidates.

The coalition said it resembles Egypt's spirit of moderation and seeks to play a vital role in the country's transition to democracy.

In their first conference on Monday, held at the Journalists Syndicate, the bloc's member groups pledged to propose plans that help Egyptians achieve their aspirations for a country on social and economic levels.

Participants to the new entity also called upon other groups with similar views to join them before parliament elections.

The Egyptian Bloc is made of 14 political groups, including Wafd Party, Free Egyptians Party, the Egyptian Democratic Social Party, Democratic Front Party, Tagammu Party, the Popular Alliance, Freedom Egypt Party, Tahrir Sufi Party, the Egyptian Socilaist Party, Waiy (Awareness) Party, Egyptian Communist Party, the Independent Federation of Egyptian Farmers, the National Association for Change, the National Council, and the Egyptian Federation of Independent Unions.

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