15 judges removed, others pending ouster over pro-Morsi statement

The Supreme Judicial Council’s disciplinary committee removed 15 judges from their posts on Monday for support of former president Mohamed Morsi.

The judges were accused of having signed a statement backing former president Mohamed Morsi following his ouster in 2013.

The judges had made an appeal against an earlier recommendation for their removal in March 2015. The committee rejected the appeal.

The accused were found guilty of affiliation with Judges for Egypt, a pro-Morsi movement that issued a statement of solidarity with the ousted president in July 2013, days after his removal. The accusation cited judicial laws that bar judges from involvement into political activity.

The accused judges had nevertheless recited their statement of solidarity from a podium in the middle of a major pro-Morsi sit-in in Cairo's Rabaa al-Adaweya.

The council also set March 28 for its verdict on 55 others charged with similar accusations.


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