13 Egyptian Coptic workers abducted in Libya

Thirteen Egyptian Coptic workers were kidnapped Saturday in Sirte city, a week after the abduction of seven others, a Libyan media person said.

"IS militants kidnapped the 13 Coptic workers and led them to an unknown destination," Malek al"ISIL militants have kidnapped 13 Egyptian Copts in Sirte – which is currently under the control of the Dawn of Libya Islamist forces – after abducting seven others in the same city last week,"  Libyan journalist Malik al-Sharif said on his Facebook page.

He said that no more information is yet available about the abductions.

Last week, Egypt's foreign ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel-Atti had said that the Libyan government has commissioned Libyan "independent figures" to communicate with the kidnappers of the seven Coptic Christian Egyptians.

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