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11 Palestinians killed by Israeli military in West Bank city of Jenin, officials say

From CNN’s Kareem Khadder

An Israeli military operation in the West Bank city of Jenin killed at least 11 Palestinian people, according to an updated death toll from officials.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah said Israelis killed 10 Palestinians, adding that 25 people have been injured, with four of them injured seriously.

In addition, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said crews recovered one more dead person from Haifa Street in Jenin after receiving a report of injuries.

The PRCS said the victim was taken to the hospital and that the area around Haifa Street site was being searched for other possible victims.

Since October 7 of last year, 517 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank and Jerusalem, according to Palestinian officials.

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